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Frequently Asked Questions
My second child enrolled into the school, but I cannot see him/her under my account. Can he/she be added?
Yes, you can see all of your children attending this school under one account. Please, contact the school administrator to add the child to your account.
My husband/wife does not have his/her own Edookit account. Is it possible for both parents to have their own account?
Each parent should have his own account. The account must be created by your school, please contact the school administrator.
I changed my e-mail address and forgot my password, so I cannot recover it. What can I do?
In this case, it is necessary to contact the school administrator, who will verify your identity and update your credentials.
My child has forgotten his credentials. How can I change them?
After logging in, go to Settings in the left menu, where you will find page Child Access Settings. There you can set your child's username, password and e-mail.
One of my children has left the school, but I can still see him/her in Edookit. How can I hide him/her?
It is possible that the school has not yet ended your child's enrollment. Please, contact the school administrator to fix it.
My children attend separate schools, but both of them use Edookit. Can I see both my children under one account?
No, children from separate schools cannot be accessed under one account. Due to data protection, each school has its own data space, which is separated from other schools. In this case, you must use two different accounts, one for each school.
How can i change my personal data?
You can change your username, e-mail address, password and profile photo in Settings. Other data, such as your name or address, must be changed by school. Please, contact the school administrator to set these data.
To access Edookit from smartphone application, I need a School ID. Where can I find it?
It seems that your are using the old smartphone application. Edookit has innovated its smartphone application, now you can install it directly from the browser. See this manual for more information. You won't need any School ID or PIN with it. However, if you still want to use the old application, ID of your school is 137su.